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Joanne Roush: Congratulations to all the artisans and enthusiasts who have made Pür Class a world class vodka, right here in Wisconsin! It's my vodka of choice and on my Christmas list every year now. Fabulous!


Ben H Orchard: I'm a Tito's Vodka fan, but I'm also Texan, so let's say I'm partial. That being said, I think that you guys make the best potato vodka that I have ever had. Keep up the great work and keep the spirits flowing. I will keep it on my shelf.


Bill and Karly Schwalbach: Love your vodka. IMO, better than grey goose or Chopin. AND I can support a local company. Awesome!



From Patricia Mieden:  

Congratulations to you and your family!


Last summer I visited friends in Neenah who poured me some Pur, and I loved it.  I prefer drinking potato vodka, but have difficulty finding it, always an import.  But I don’t need to do that anymore!  Pur is a wonderfully smooth vodka, and I am proud that a fellow Badger entrepreneur produces it.


My only challenge is that it is not widely distributed YET.  I predict it will be very soon.  I live near Iowa City now, but grew up in Barneveld. Can you develop a wish list on your web site for your “wantabe” customers for future locations?  I love your story, and appreciate that you believe in doing it right.


I was reminded of your vodka while in hometown Barneveld Sunday.  Every time I visit my brother Mike he makes me a ‘bloody’.  Unfortunately, he can’t enjoy one now as he is undergoing chemo for cancer.    That little town gave a big hug to Mike and his wife Karla Sunday by throwing them a benefit at the Legion Hall.  It was great.  One of the items in the silent auction was a basket with ingredients for martinis with Grey Goose.  I was hoping for Pur, but it was for a good cause. J


Can you contact me when your distribution expands toward Dubuque?  Congratulations once again, and best wishes in 2014.

From Jon:

I brought two bottles of your vodka back to Texas after visiting my dad, who lives on a farm between Omro and Winneconne.

All of my Russian friends, all of my Latvian friends, all my Belorussian friends, my Czech friend, and especially all of my Polish friends have taken a sudden interest in your vodka.  It was the hit of the party.

How do I purchase some down here?



Hi Peggy!
I want to buy some of your vodka. I live in Phoenix, AZ. Where can I find it??
Thanks for your help,
Michael Allison



I think it would be a hit in the bars/restaurants and then people will ask for it at the liquor store.  Maybe try the more hip and/or artisan restaurants/bars in Minneapolis?  Minnesotans like vodka and Minnesotans like stuff made in the Midwest.  Best of luck!  I will start asking for your product to get the word out.



I'm all about vodka.  I checked out your location list but saw nothing in the Atlanta , GA area.  Keep on pushing.





My name is Aaron Johnson and I'm a Berlin, Wisconsin native. I enjoyed a shot of your Pur Class Vodka today at Adam's Rib in green lake and it was excellent, but what impressed me even more was your bottle. I'm a Graphics major at UW-Stout so i really appreciate it when companies go the extra mile to offer excellent product packaging and you have certainly done that! It will definitely catch people's attention when the see it on a store shelf!

Congrats and Good Luck,
Aaron Johnson




Hello,  Chill Zone Liquor here, 801 Park Ave., Beaver Dam, WI 53916
Who is the dist for dodge county?



Have known about this for a while.  Tried it at Jorgie's tonight and had to buy a bottle.  Lovely and smooth.  Keep it up!




Are you going to be seel your vodka in the Minneapolis area